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Family Reunion 2015 Recap

Long delayed greetings from Gail and Patti!  For the past six or seven years our activities were curtailed by ongoing crises and life events—everything from major illnesses and losses, to moving, remodeling, and construction disasters and delays.  Every time we started to get the ball back in play again, something happened to delay our reappearance.  Almost simultaneously we came to the realization that if we wait for things to be perfect, we will never get started, so here goes. . . . . 

Even though it has been several months, the glow from the 2015 family reunion is still with us.  It was a milestone year in that it was the 300th birth anniversary of Andreas Eisenhart, the Lehigh immigrant.  Andreas was born in Dachtel, Württemberg “Germany” on September 15, 1715.  He and his young family made the harrowing journey down from the mountains, then up the Rhine River to Rotterdam in Holland where they boarded a ship taking them to Portsmouth England.  From there they sailed to the Port of Philadelphia in the Colony of Pennsylvania, arriving on September 25, 1751.  Their struggles to establish themselves in the new homeland are detailed in an illustrated booklet prepared for the reunion, Andreas the Immigrant,  Journey to the New World—A Leap of Faith.  We have some copies of this booklet remaining.  They can be obtained in person from Dave Eisenhart of Nazareth, or by mail.  The cost is $10 with an additional $2.50 for mailing and handling if necessary.  Please contact Gail at tbinc18@aol.com for more details.

The first day of the weekend celebration, Saturday October 3rd, was hosted by Rev. George and Doris Eisenhart and their family in Sewell NJ.  Although the rain and flooding somewhat hampered travel, we had a fine crowd, and the festivities were enjoyed by all.  Between a barbeque luncheon and a German themed dinner, information was exchanged, new additions to our family circle were introduced, and we reestablished connections from past reunions.  Two of the four barn-themed quilts, beautifully crafted by Vicky Eisenhart of Merced CA, were raffled to two lucky winners.  We would like to once again express our gratitude to Rev. George, Doris, and their multigenerational family for generously welcoming us to their home compound and providing a wonderful and inspiring event. 

The following Sunday we headed back to Spring Valley for the 2nd day of the celebration.  Jerry Eisenhart led tours of the Eisenhart Homestead in Spring Valley, with the specific emphasis on showing the progress made on the barn restoration.  A tribute was made in honor of David H. Eisenhart, the previous owner of the property, who passed away the previous spring.  The “barn stars”, those who contributed so much to the restoration of the barn, Ray Blossom and David Wolff, were recognized, and the remaining two quilts were raffled.  A delicious lunch was provided in the Spring Valley Sportsman’s Club.  This brings us to talking about our next reunion coming up in August, 2016.

The Spring Valley Eisenhart family will once again welcome all family members from all the Eisenhart/Eisenhard/Eisenhardt/Isenhart/Isanhart clans to the Sportsman’s Club on Saturday August 13th.  Please come and partake of another enjoyable and informative afternoon.

For complete information please refer to the attached PDF at the top of this page.

Barn Star Contest

Attention all creative Eisenhart surname family members! We know you are out there since we have had oil painters, theorem painters, furniture painters, wood carvers, wood workers, cabinetmakers, needle workers and quilters in the family.

The Spring Valley Eisenhart barn renovation is ready for the finishing touches, the barn stars or “hex” signs. When the barn was restored to its original color, it was found that the original design for the central barn star was “etched” into the wood siding and some color fragments remained revealing the original figure.


Jerry Eisenhart has recreated the original barn star design that was the center barn star.



Amanda Eisenhart Agati has submitted a design for one of the two auxiliary barn stars, which means there is ONE left to design.


Jerry Eisenhart would like input from anyone with a vision for the third barn star.

Requirements include:
-The star may incorporate any colors, but must keep to the 8 star point design.
-Submit as many designs as you want.
-Entries should be submitted directly to Jerry Eisenhart
-Please submit entries in PDF or JPG format
-Entries will be judged by attendees at the August reunion to select the winning design
-Deadline is the Eisenhart Family Reunion, Saturday, August 13, 2016. Please try to submit your entries to Jerry by Friday, August 12, 2016.

Click here for the Barn Star template in jpg format

Click here for the Barn Star template in PSD format

Stories and Mysteries Page

Once again we have a NEW story to share on our "Stories and Mysteries Page"

Jerry L. Eisenhart Barn Renovation booklet BE A PART OF EISENHART HISTORY!  Jerry L. Eisenhart of the Spring Valley Eisenhart branch shares with us the story of the passion and hard work that have gone into the restoration of the 1859 barn on the Eisenhart family Old Homestead property in Spring Valley PA. With the help of Gail Eisenhart Belytschko and Patti Adams, Jerry has written a booklet that tells the story of the barn renovation. Entitled "A Labor of Love: Restoring a Circa 1859 Family Barn", this booklet will be made available to those making a donation to the Barn Renovation Fund. If you are interested in helping to restore this landmark structure while learning more about our family history and culture, go to our Stories and Mysteries page to find out how you can help.

Read more about the 1859 Barn Restoration Project and Jerry's story by clicking here.


Please let us know what you are interested in hearing about.  You can contact us by clicking here.

In other news please visit our Video section and view our new Honoring Those Who Served video series, The Iraq War.

You can view this video by clicking here

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