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Unknown Origin

The following very large family group of uncertain origin has been frustrating family researchers for several generations. It was once speculated that since both groups use a similar surname varient and were in western Pennsylvania/ eastern Ohio very early, this group was somehow related to the descendants of George Eisenhart/Isenhart, the 1759 immigrant from Dachtel. However, the document evidence did not support this theory, and the DNA evidence indicates that the two groups are not genetically related. We welcome any information about Jacob Eisenhart/ Isenhart/ Isanhart born about 1770 in eastern Pennsylvania.

Jacob Eisenhart/Isanhart/Isenhart

Census data from later in his life indicated that Jacob Isanhart was born in Pennsylvania about 1770. Since a few of his grandchildren were occasionally listed with the surname Eisenhart, we surmise that this was his original surname. AfterJoseph and Margaret Eisenhart/Isanhart Swartzmiller living for a time in far western Pennsylvania, he entered the Ohio Territory, probably before it became a state in 1803, and settled in Seneca Co. He was drafted into the Ohio Militia in the War of 1812. His first wife’s name is unknown. They had a son named Nathaniel born about 1815. Nathaniel’s descendants lived in Seneca and Williams Co. Ohio, and today most use the Isenhart variation of the name.


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Jacob became a widower some time before June 21, 1820, when he married Margaret Scott Anderson, who was the widow of Jacob’s close friend Ezekial Anderson. Jacob and Margaret lived in Liberty Twp. Seneca Co. Ohio for the remainder of their lives. He died there on May 13, 1849, and is buried in the FeaselburgDora Denno Hughes, daughter of Maggie Isanhart Denno Cemetery, as is Margaret who died in 1868. They had three children together: Harriet, Jacob R., and Isaac. Members of Jacob R.’s large descendant pool use the surname Isanhart. They initially remained in Seneca Co. Ohio, but most of these families later relocated to Michigan. Isaac’s descendants mainly use the Isenhart surname and most also eventually moved to Michigan.


The Eisenhart and Related Surname DNA Project has tested male descendants of Jacob Isanhart/Isenhart from both his first and second marriages. These descendants match one another exactly, which confirms the document information about Jacob’s two families. However, there is not a genetic relationship between these Isanhart/Isenhart family groups, and the “Dachtel” descendants.

An interesting document about Jacob Isenhart was recently found.  It pertains to land Jacob purchased in 1834.  To see the full pdf iconpdf document please click here.

Simon Isanhart





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