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Jacob Isenhart

(Johann) Jacob Isenhart, son of George Eisenhart/Isenhart and Anna Elisabeth Ottinger, was born on January 9, 1779 in Springfield Twp York Co. Pennsylvania.

He was with the family when they left York Co. and moved westward just prior to 1790. While living in Bedford CoIsenhart owned hotel. Pennsylvania, the Isenhart family was living near the family of Jacob Roth, who had a daughter named Susanna. Presumably she was the Susanna Roth/Rhoads who eventually became Jacob Isenhart’s wife.

While his younger brother George remained in western Pennsylvania with their father, Jacob moved back eastward, initially settling in Cumberland, Allegheny Co. Maryland. One Perry Hess Isenhartsource reports that this is where Jacob married Susanna Roth/Rhoads on March 1, 1801; however, it would seem more logical that they married while still in Bedford Co.

He served in the War of 1812 in the Maryland Militia and his survivors received “bounty land” in Illinois as a veteran’s benefit for his service. His occupation was described as blacksmith and farmer.

Edward and Minnie Isenhart



Jacob and Susanna had eight children: Rosina, (John) George, Elisabeth, Susanna Priscilla, Jacob Roth/Rhodes, Abraham, Henry, and Samuel T. Isenhart. Some of these children remained in the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia areas, while others emigrated to Illinois, and from there, to points westward.


Nathan Tracy IsenhartJacob died in 1846 in Clark Co. West Virginia. It is thought that he is buried in the Custer Cemetery in Clarksburg. His wife Susanna died in Ogle Co. Illinois in 1854.





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