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A Special Thank You and Credits

For Gail (Chief Scribe and Fact Assembler) and Patti (Technical Director and Internet Guru), this web site is a labor of love. However, without the support, encouragement, and generosity of countless family members across the U.S. and in Germany, this could never have happened. First and foremost, those of us working on the family history today stand on the shoulders of those whose past efforts uncovered the clues that help us understand the origin of the family.

Willis Wolf Willis Wolf Eisenhart of Abbottstown PA (1877-1970) who planted the seeds and sent us in the right direction.  
Rev. George Eisenhart Rev. George W. Eisenhart II who received the mantle from Willis Wolf and continues to guide us.  
Marcy and Bud Isenhart Marcy and Bud Isenhart whose work on the Isenhart family and other related issues is helping us untangle family relationships and our shared ancestry.  
Amber Charles Eisenhart Amber C. Eisenhart (1889-1982) was the first to compile, print, and disseminate the complex history and family tree data of the Spring Valley Eisenhart family.  
No Photo Available    Ruth C. Eisenhart (1909-1989) was also instrumental in researching the origin of this family branch.  
Without the efforts of Amber and Ruth, descendants of Benjamin Eisenhart of Spring Valley, we would not have been able to reach our goal of finally placing this family branch on the family tree.  
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In addition, we are grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the following individuals who provided family information, photographs, and historical data used on this web site:

  Helmut Beutler Faye Cooper LaBare
  Jim and Evelyn Kave Daniels Bill Ramsey
  Doris Eisenhard J. C. Ravier
  Ulrich and Claudia Eisenhardt Dennis Schleppy
  Howard Eisenhart Dorothy Eisenhart Secor
  The late Lt. Col. Lee D. Eisenhart Sue Swartzmiller
  Wayne A. Eisenhart Heide Eisenhardt Tonna
  Janet Forse Deb Eisenhard Walter
  Bruce Cooper Gill John H. Warren
  Tamara and Garwood Isanhart Richard and Yvonne Warren
  H. E. “Bill” Isenhart Lucille Eisenhart White
  Sue Sommers Kunkle Betty Wimmer Wilkins
  and The late Rev. Henry and Anna Mae Eisenhart

We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of Charles F. Kerchner who guided us through the intricate process of setting up the Eisenhart & Related Surname DNA Project, and who helped us analyze and tabulate the results. In addition, Peter A. Belytschko adapted the DNA Project spreadsheet for use on this web site. Finally, we would like to thank all of the DNA Project members who took the leap of faith and participated in this project. Without them, we would not have the invaluable scientific information that either confirms long held suppositions or tells us we have further work to do.

In addition to those mentioned, we are grateful for the support and encouragement of Mae Eisenhart Lollis and Margaret Eisenhart Apecechea.

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